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Speed Limiters to become mandatory in July 2024

Written by Scott Hamilton-Cooper

A new law coming into effect across Europe on July 7th will require all new cars to be fitted with a mandatory speed limiter, as enforced by the EU.

The legislation will apply to all cars sold across Europe, including countries outside of the EU, to help combat dangerous driving. The law also applies to cars that have already been manufactured but are yet to be sold. Models currently on showroom floors will require limiters to be retrofitted to be legally sold.

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) has said the implementation of the devices will reduce collisions by 30%, and the European Commission claims that the limiters, along with other measures in the legislation, could prevent 140,000 serious road traffic injuries by 2038.

Other upcoming measures in the legislation include compulsory autonomous emergency braking, data loggers (black box technology), emergency stop signal, lane assist, and reversing sensors or cameras.

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