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Smart Charging rollout on public network to save EV drivers £1.5 billion annually

Written by Scott Hamilton-Cooper

Over 6,000 on-street and car park smart charging points are set to be introduced in Connected Kerb’s new nationwide scheme, with 4,000 due to be deployed in 2024.

Following its government-backed trial in 2022, the scheme will save drivers an estimated £1.5 billion a year by 2030 and will be the first time that scheduled charging during off-peak hours has become available on a public charging network, istallowing motorists to use energy when it’s cheaper and greener.

Previously, smart energy tariffs were only available to those with off-street parking. The new program aims to provide better infrastructure to those who rely on public and on-street charging services.

Despite the rate of EV uptake slowing in recent months, 2023 saw more battery electric vehicles (BEV) reach the road than in 2020 and 2021 combined.

The public smart charging will see lower overnight tariffs of £0.45 per kWh, which is 22.4% lower than the average rate of the UK’s fast charging network, saving drivers up to £222 per year on charging – the equivalent of 495 free EV miles.

The growth of EV infrastructure is vital for encouraging drivers to make the switch to electric vehicles. With over 1.2 million EVs  expected on UK roads by 2025, incident management specialist, Motor Assist, can accommodate electric vehicles by providing like-for-like EV replacement vehicles following an incident and access to expert EV-ready body repair partners.

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