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Over 1.2 million EVs expected on UK roads by 2025

Written by Scott Hamilton-Cooper

Over 1.2 million electric vehicles are predicted to be on UK roads by the end of 2024, in an increase of 24% according to New AutoMotive.

The main driving force behind the surge in EVs is the Zero Emissions Vehicle Mandate which came into effect in January, which requires manufacturers to meet an increasing percentage target of EV sales. If every manufacturer is successful in meeting the legislation’s target, the total number of electric vehicles could increase by a further 1.3 million.

While fleets are driving the increased uptake of EVs, other factors include better EV infrastructure across the UK, and a 30-80% cheaper cost-per-mile compared to petrol and diesel cars. The report also predicts that the cost of home charging is set to fall by 22% in 2024, while fuel costs – for petrol, diesel, and hybrid cars – are expected to remain the same.

With the expected increase of EVs on UK roads, the demand for accident management partners, like Motor Assist, that can provide EV replacement vehicles in the event of an incident and expert body shop partners equipped to undertake cost-effective EV repairs, will also increase significantly. Drivers of electric vehicles are entitled to the same like-for-like provision as owners of internal combustion engine cars, yet most service providers do not provide an EV-for-EV guarantee.


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