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How motor insurance brokers can streamline the claims process

Written by Steve Molloy

The motor claims process can be complex for insurance brokers to manage, which can cause frustration as it distracts from the ability to actually sell insurance. 

A smooth motor claims process is essential for improving customer experience and loyalty. Read on to find out more about the importance of streamlining your process. 


Improving the customer experience

Your claims process really puts customer satisfaction to the test, but many brokers struggle to deliver a seamless, streamlined experience for their customers due to resource constraints as claims typically sit outside the core focus of their business. 

When your customers experience a non-fault incident, they need access to a replacement vehicle as quickly as possible, and a bodyshop that can make the necessary repairs. This is on top of seeking compensation for injuries and/or damage and losses, such as vehicle write-offs or loss of earnings due to not being on the road. 

For brokers, it may not be possible to deliver an end-to-end claims process internally - but it's also time-consuming and challenging to manage through external suppliers.

Without effective management, working with multiple sources can create a disjointed experience for the customer, which in turn can lead to dissatisfaction and potentially losing them altogether. 

There are several must-haves for a broker to streamline their claims process:

  • Best-in-class 24/7 FNOL to respond to customers’ needs quickly and efficiently 
  • An end-to-end digital platform to manage the claims process, providing real-time data sharing and supplier visibility
  • A preferred repair network and replacement vehicle fleet so you can make the right decisions for customers quickly

You can either build this capability in house, or work with an experienced incident management partner who can provide you and your customers with exemplary service. Working with a partner who communicates with suppliers on behalf of your team creates a much smoother customer experience as it removes the risk of duplicating effort and not having access to accurate, real-time data. 

Access to real-time supplier visibility is crucial when it comes to creating customer loyalty, so make sure you choose a partner that tracks all the key stages of the claims process and offers full transparency when sharing information with you and your customers.


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