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Five reasons to outsource your FNOL process

Written by Mark Young

Being involved in an incident on the road can be extremely distressing for drivers.

Furthermore, navigating the process following an incident can be both time-consuming and overwhelming. 

However, choosing to outsource your First Notification of Loss (FNOL) process to a specialist incident management service provider allows your drivers instant access to the correct level of response and support to keep them mobile, whilst keeping business disruption to a minimum from beginning to end.


It provides clear tracking and reporting

If one of your drivers is involved in an incident, you will need to be able to collect the necessary information in detail about the incident and establish what happened in order to make the right decisions on the next steps required within a timely manner. 

A specialist outsourced FNOL team will respond rapidly and empathetically to ensure driver well-being and to obtain vital information such as incident location, vehicle condition, road and weather conditions and other circumstances, as well as details of parties involved and any other specific data from the incident. 

This will save you time and the hassle of trying to gather all this information retrospectively.


It helps you to control costs

FNOL data is essential for controlling costs in the event of an incident. When it comes to collecting information following an incident, obtaining accurate details in a timely manner is key. 

That’s because overall incident costs can see significant increases if the necessary third-party information isn’t captured immediately. According to Allianz, claims can increase from £5,000 when reported on the same day, to £20,000 when reported 1 month after the incident

The quicker the information is provided the sooner it can be interpreted to allow the correct course of action. 

But when you’re faced with all the different factors associated with the aftermath of an incident, such as checking your driver is okay and organising repairs and a replacement vehicle, it can be difficult to prioritise this data collection. Working with an outsourced incident management partner means you can focus on running your business whilst they deal with capturing third-party evidence. 


It helps to reduce downtime

If one of your drivers is involved in an incident, they will need a quick response and access to comprehensive mobility services so that they are not off road for too long. 

You will also need to get their vehicle repaired and arrange a suitable replacement vehicle for your business needs so that they can get back on the road as soon as possible while their vehicle is in repair.

Working alongside an incident management partner gives you access to accurate assessments, provides your driver with a replacement vehicle and arranges to get their damaged vehicle into a bodyshop for repair. They will also manage the claim on your behalf, including recovering costs and expenses from the third-party driver’s insurer, meaning you spend less time organising repairs and replacement vehicles  and chasing after fees following the incident. 


It gives you around the clock support 

If you do decide to work with an outsourced incident management partner, finding one that provides 24/7 support is essential. 

If one of your drivers is involved in an incident, they need instant access to an expert who can offer both emotional support and practical advice for the immediate next steps. 

Not only will this be extremely supportive to the driver, but it will also help to keep your business moving by immediately taking care of the entire process, meaning repairs and replacement vehicles are arranged as soon as possible to reduce downtime.


It takes the repair process off your hands

Taking care of repairs can be very time-consuming when you have a business to manage. 

Working with a gold-standard incident management company gives you the peace of mind that the entire process of having the vehicle repaired is being handled by trusted experts. As a result, the entire process is taken off your hands so you can focus on managing the rest of your fleet.

Furthermore, comprehensive incident reporting enables the best possible repair solution for the incident type.


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