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How Motor Assist's accident management software looks to shake up the industry

Written by Dominic Anderson-Gordon

Incident management has become tired and complacent. Inflexible, dated systems with poor MI and visibility possibilities are commonplace throughout the industry, and your business could be suffering.

In this blog post, we'll explore some of the challenges of incident management and how Motor Assist looks to breathe new life into the industry with technology-driven solutions.


Understanding the challenges of incident management

Incident management is a complex and time-consuming process for businesses, from which numerous challenges can arise.

From dealing with insurance providers to coordinating repairs and managing claims, incident management comprises several parts, with the importance of each differing for each business.

A key difficulty in today’s incident management sphere is that dated systems are often inflexible and present reporting difficulties. With this lack of agility, it can be difficult to keep pace with ever-changing industry and user demands.

There are also many ways delays and errors can occur in the claims process, causing breakdowns in customer relationships. 

Without a streamlined system, businesses can face difficulties in gathering and submitting relevant data, leading to delays in resolving issues and receiving compensation. 

When these issues add up over several incidents, the efficiency of the business' operations can be impacted, leading to increased costs and reputational damage.


The role of accident management software

Across many industries worldwide, technology allows companies to generate huge efficiencies and offer better services to their customers.

Incident management is no different, and technology can address many issues businesses face today. Sadly, the vast majority of providers lack the technology stack to make these differences.

By leveraging software, businesses can track and manage incidents more effectively, using features like automated documentation, real-time communication and streamlined workflows, reducing the risk of errors or delays.

Accident management software can also enhance collaboration between different stakeholders. For example, insurance providers, body shops and other parties can access and update relevant information, ensuring effective communication. Not only does speed and accuracy of delivery improve, but so does the relationship with external partners.

There are also far greater opportunities to tap into analytics, which give businesses valuable insights into trends, costs and performance. With this data readily available, it's easier to identify areas for improvement and which processes can be optimised.


What makes Motor Assist different?

Motor Assist takes the headache out of incident management by offering your business a modular, technology-driven solution.

We've been looking after UK motorists for over 20 years, and our new technology is tried and tested on our own extensive fleet.

Motor Assist allows you to combine several areas of accident management software solutions and build your customised package.

With this approach to incident management, you're not restricted by pre-determined packages or made to pay for things you won't use. 

We aim to inject visibility, agility and efficiency into businesses by following the three Motor Assist pillars.


The Motor Assist pillars

We follow the three Motor Assist pillars when building our service offerings. The three pillars are greater visibility, remarkable agility and outstanding efficiency.

By following these pillars while allowing our customers to build a solution that suits their unique business needs, we believe we have a service that can wake up the industry.

Greater visibility

We offer customer portals with real-time access to your data so you can always keep tabs on business performance. 

Not only this, but user management and permissions-based portals to manage reporting at any level. You'll also get access to your data in a format you can manipulate at a level of granularity you wish.

Remarkable agility

We offer fast API integration with other industry systems to minimise downtime and configurable schemes that enable automated workflows to differ from client to client.

Our technology can automate and transform your claims process and our low-code system allows us to make quick and effective changes without developer input, meaning your software can grow with your business.

Outstanding efficiency

With Motor Assist, your business can benefit from a customisable and highly effective digital claims journey. 

Robotic automation allows you to quickly and accurately deliver on your processes, and time and event-driven task management systems ensure effective communication.

You can drive essential KPIs with your customised solution, reducing downtime, lowering costs and improving key-to-key times.


Finding your ideal solution

With our modular approach towards incident management, understanding which options will benefit your business most can be difficult.

That's why we've put together our Solution Finder, a quick way to tell us precisely what you need from your solution.

Answer a few questions, and we'll do the rest. Take the next step towards a new accident management solution today. Get started by clicking below.

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