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TCH Leasing selects Motor Assist for its end-to-end incident and claims management service

TCH Leasing has made the decision to use Motor Assist’s technology driven, end-to-end incident and claims management solution due to the tailored nature of the offering, as well as its easy onboarding process.

This provides the family-owned leasing specialist with an advantage in a highly competitive sector, supporting its customers and drivers in what is typically a stressful and disruptive time following an accident.

Since the rollout of Motor Assist to TCH Leasing customers, there has been some early success, seeing the number of customers and vehicles enlisted for the service more than double.

Through Motor Assist TCH Leasing can now further support its customers through an end-to-end suite of incident support services that has been tailored to the requirements of the business, whilst delivering a step-by-step customer journey that simplifies the handling of complex incidents for all stakeholders.

At TCH we are committed to providing first-class quality services, designed to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of all our customers. To support us in this, we partner with suppliers that are experts in their field and share our values and passion for customer service. Mark Hammond Managing Director, TCH Leasing

“That is why we have partnered with Motor Assist to provide end-to-end incident and claims management service to our customers.

“It can be daunting switching from legacy suppliers to new alternatives, but the onboarding process has been thorough yet painless as we quickly became acquainted with our colleagues at Motor Assist™. From the outset, I knew that the team was fully committed to supporting our team at every level and delivering outstanding customer care.”

AX is committed to providing tailored support services to its partners and their customers. The dedicated Motor Assist team will work in partnership with TCH to ensure the claims management solution runs seamlessly and adapts to any changes to circumstances or demands.

Mark Young, Corporate Account Director, commented: “We are delighted to expand our long-standing relationship with TCH Leasing following the start of the Motor Assist partnership. 

“Motor Assist provides a technology-driven, modular end-to-end incident management solution with a clear focus on the driver experience, exceptional customer service and meaningful data to aid incident management and help to minimise risk.

“Our partnership approach means we are working alongside the team at TCH Leasing to provide a high level of support to help them develop and grow in this area and have already been instrumental in helping to introduce more TCH customers to the incident management service.

“We welcome this opportunity to work with Mark Hammond and his team, and are excited by the prospect of developing and growing our partnership in the coming years.”

Motor Assist is designed with individual businesses in mind, by providing modular services and solutions that support and deliver proven results. It’s Incident Management, just better.