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Why vehicle dealerships should offer claims management services

Written by Sarah Eaton

Accident aftercare services can provide a valuable income stream and extend the lifetime value of customers for dealerships, becoming a key part of their customer retention programmes.

In this blog post, we'll explore how claims management services can benefit dealerships and how these businesses can offer this solution to their customers.


The importance of claims management services

Claims management services are crucial in the automotive industry, and when customers experience an accident, they rely on their claims handler to facilitate the claims process efficiently.

These services ensure all necessary repairs and part replacements are taken care of, allowing the customer to get back on the road as promptly as possible.


Should your dealership offer a claims management service?

Offering comprehensive claims management services allows dealerships to establish themselves as a trusted partner for their customers. By doing so, they can enhance customer satisfaction and help build long-term relationships while keeping customers within their brand.

Despite the significance of claims management services, dealerships often face the challenge of attracting customers for their specific service. 

One of the main reasons for this is the lack of awareness among customers about the convenience of a dealership-based claims management service.

Many customers opt for alternative service providers due to dealerships not offering claims management or simply not understanding the advantages of choosing a dealership for this service, giving competitors several opportunities to take business away from your brand

Because of this, dealerships need to communicate the value they offer, which can be skilled technicians, OEM parts, and a streamlined, all-in-one process from the point of purchase — improving the customer experience.


Offering accident-related services for the complete claims management package

Accident-related services are integral to claims management, as customers require assistance with various other aspects outside of repairs following an incident.

These services include towing, rental car arrangement, communication with insurance companies and insurance documentation.

Helping customers source a replacement vehicle quickly following an accident and retaining parts and labour work can boost brand loyalty and maintain revenue streams.

Comprehensive accident-related services mean dealerships can offer a one-stop solution for customers, facilitating a hassle-free claims process.

Convenience can play a significant role in the customer's decision to opt for your dealership for claims management, and if done correctly, can lead to improved revenue for your business.


Generating revenue through repairs and part replacements

Dealerships must facilitate prompt and high-quality repairs to maximise revenue. Doing so will increase customer satisfaction and generate more revenue from the claims management process.

This can be achieved by:

  • Having skilled technicians in place who can efficiently diagnose and repair vehicles
  • Using OEM parts instead of aftermarket alternatives to enhance repair quality and boost customer trust
  • Protecting warranties by using OEM parts.

Providing high-quality repair services means customers are more likely to choose dealerships for claims management, maximising revenue.


The role of a trusted partner in case management and claims handling

Dealerships often partner with case management and claims-handling experts to manage claims effectively.

These partners have the expertise and knowledge to navigate complex claims processes, ensuring accurate documentation and timely submission.

An effective claims management process improves customer satisfaction and outsourcing allows dealerships to focus on their core competencies.

Using an end-to-end accident management provider, dealerships can tap into benefits such as a single, joined-up route from 24/7/365 FNOL to replacement vehicle that they can market as their own.

This includes parts, repair and claims management, all of which can be used to keep customers within your dealership group.


Keeping claims management within your brand

Claims management can hugely benefit customers looking for a convenient solution and offering the service via your dealership is simple.

Motor Assist can provide a complete, end-to-end accident management solution that your dealership can market as your own.

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