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Why brokers should track and measure customer satisfaction

Written by Steve Molloy

When it comes to claims, brokers can differentiate themselves from their competitors by handling the process as smoothly and efficiently as possible for their customers.

An often complex environment involving multiple suppliers increases the likelihood of claims being mishandled, taking took too long to process, or even leads to instances where a customer doesn’t know who to contact for an update on their claim. 

When a customer has a negative experience during the claims process, it not only reflects poorly on the broker, but can also lead to the customer taking their business elsewhere. Beyond this, customer dissatisfaction can subsequently translate to negative reviews online and by word of mouth, and could even cost you extra time and revenue if you need to manage a high volume of complaints. 

However, before brokers can address these issues, they need to identify and understand the root causes of friction in their claims process. To this end, it's essential to track and measure customer satisfaction throughout the claims process. This will help identify any areas where improvements can be made, and will ensure that customers are happy with the service they receive.

In this blog, we'll explain the importance of tracking customer satisfaction and provide some expert tips on how brokers can measure it efficiently.


Why should brokers track customer satisfaction?

The majority of brokers work with external claims and FNOL suppliers to manage the customer journey after a claim has been made. The process also often involves working with multiple companies such as repair firms, insurers and mobility providers. 

In many cases, this can lead to a confusing and disjointed customer experience at what is already a difficult and distressing time for the driver. In the worst case scenario, the broker is left with the task of managing and coordinating various suppliers. Meanwhile, the customers become increasingly frustrated by a non-transparent and complicated process as they struggle to get an update on their claim. 

Tracking customer satisfaction enables you to quickly identify the specific areas of the claims process that are contributing to this frustration. This could include lack of clarity about next steps after FNOL, inconvenient call centre hours when a customer is phoning for an update, spiralling repair costs or an inappropriate replacement vehicle.

In addition, measuring customer satisfaction can also help you build your brand’s reputation and assist with generating opportunities from direct marketing activities. If you have outstanding customer testimonials and consistently high NPS scores, this creates powerful endorsements about your service as a broker and should be showcased online to show your value to new prospective customers.


How to measure customer satisfaction

To properly measure customer satisfaction, brokers must capture customer feedback at every point of the journey. Look out for any areas where customers struggle to understand the process or feel that the staff they deal with lack empathy. You should also consider if the customer has any needs that your team could anticipate and help to meet, or even exceed.

To really differentiate your service based on customer satisfaction, it’s essential to make sure your partners do more than just pass on basic customer feedback. They must also track key customer satisfaction metrics throughout the entire claims process in order to provide continuous improvement to the service.  

If your claims suppliers can consistently deliver excellent customer service, you should see improved customer retention rates and an increase in new customers as well. 

Measuring customer satisfaction won’t just tell you which parts of the process aren’t working, but also which parts are working well. You can use this information to replicate the same success elsewhere and make the overall process more streamlined to customers. 


Measure customer satisfaction with Motor Assist

A tailored service offering is essential to a high customer satisfaction rating. Our specialist approach allows us to design a unique solution that you can either recommend, white-label or work in partnership with, to provide the most efficient and cost-effective accident and claims management solution to your customers. 

Motor Assist can enhance your current offering by providing: 

  • A tailored and personal service from a dedicated team for each customer
  • White labelled reporting channels including telephone, email, web and app options
  • Dual branded end-to-end communication option
  • Multi-level MI visibility for both partner and customers
  • Tailored NPS and Customer satisfaction reporting

Your solution to improving customer satisfaction

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