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EV100 Fleets now operating 630,000 electric vehicles

Written by Scott Hamilton-Cooper

Fleets that are part of the Climate Group’s EV100 initiative have reported that they are collectively operating 630,000 electric vehicles, a 57% year-on-year increase.

Committed to running 5.45 million EVs by 2030, EV100 members have been reported to have switched 231,000 diesel, petrol, or hybrid vehicles to fully electric models in the past 12 months.

The Charging the EV Transition progress report conducted by the Climate Group has also revealed that more than 35,000 chargers have been installed by EV100 fleets at 3,442 different locations.

Over 70 EV100 members have committed to equipping all their relevant locations with chargeable infrastructure. With 5,000 chargers coming online in the last year alone, half of the charging units that businesses have committed to installing are already operational; 4,246 of these being fast charging stations, along with 726 rapid chargers.

EV100 members are aiming to reach 7,000 fast or rapid charging station installations over the next year.

The growing uptake of EVs amongst fleets, as well as the infrastructure to match, is a promising trend as the UK ramps up efforts to phase out diesel and petrol vehicles. Accident management partners, such as Motor Assist, are catering for the growth in electric vehicle fleets, providing like-for-like EV replacement vehicles and body shop partners that are equipped to repair EVs.

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