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Motor Assist becomes exclusive accident management sponsor of Fleet200 Strategy Network

Written by Scott Hamilton-Cooper

Motor Assist has become the exclusive Accident Management Sponsor of the Fleet News Fleet200 Strategy Network. The initial 12-month sponsorship will see Motor Assist sponsor and attend four Fleet200 Strategy Network events with the first taking place next week on 23rd May 2023 in Northamptonshire.

As a sponsor, we will be heading to the venues to discuss and engage with important industry trends and share ideas on new initiatives and fleet sector developments with attendees.

At event in Northamptonshire, we will have representatives for the company’s technology-driven end-to-end incident management solution Motor Assist.

Our 360 suite of incident support services can be easily tailored to fall in line with our partner’s business priorities, whilst also delivering a step-by-step customer journey that simplifies the handling of complex incidents for all stakeholders.


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What is the Fleet200 Strategy Network?

The Fleet200 Strategy Network is a group of the most influential fleets operating in the UK. The events take place throughout the year and bring together members from across the fleet sector comprising leading UK fleet operators and fleet providers including some key FN50 Contract Hire & Leasing Companies.

The Fleet News Fleet200 Strategy Network events are exclusive to members with the next taking place on 23rd May 2023, followed by two more later this year in September and December.

Scott Hamilton-Cooper, Chief Commercial Officer at AX said: “AX is a company that takes immense pride in our customer service and account management.”

Sponsoring the Fleet200 Strategy Network gives us the opportunity to be in the same room as many of the UK’s most professional and forward-thinking fleet decision-makers along with policymakers and leading industry partners. Scott Hamilton-Cooper Chief Commercial Officer at AX

“This access means we can truly understand the challenges they face and how we can support them with our innovative solutions, such as Motor Assist, as well as actively contribute to the discussion using our own industry expertise.

Understanding current and emerging industry challenges allows us to continuously adapt and evolve our product and services to meet those challenges with innovative solutions.”


Choosing the right fleet accident management partner

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