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5 ways to minimise fleet downtime guide.

It's estimated that small-medium-sized fleets could lose up to five working days a year, due to traffic incidents.

Download our guide to maximise fleet efficiency with essential tips on how to minimise vehicle downtime.


About the guide.

Our guide, 5 ways to minimise fleet downtime, outlines the most effective ways to guard your fleet against potential incidents. It covers:

motor-assist-icons__dark-19 Preventative maintenance advice
motor-assist-icons__dark-9 Risk awareness
motor-assist-icons__dark-57 The use of analytics and telematics data
motor-assist-icons__dark-39 How to create the perfect FNOL process
motor-assist-icons__dark-4 How to choose an incident management partner

Agility, visibility and performance like never before.

We know there’s never a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why Motor 
Assist offers an end-to-end or modular approach to incident management, so you can select the elements that you need and leave the ones that don’t.


Who we
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As a business, we strive to ensure our customers get the attention and service they deserve, and likewise, the Motor Assist account management team have given us the support we need to build the trust of our customers and continually improve and develop our services together. Mark Hammond Managing Director, TCH Leasing