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How is technology driving efficiency in the claims management sector?

We asked 200 UK Fleet decision makers about their experience, we would love to share the outcomes with you.


The fleet sector is moving into a new era of vehicle incident management, backed by rapid technological advancements and growing data availability.

For a clear insight into the techniques, equipment and software that are driving improvements in the sector, our whitepaper is the perfect place to start. By downloading, you’ll discover:

motor-assist-icons__dark-19 How technology adoption has impacted fleet incident management processes
motor-assist-icons__dark-9 How fleets are utilising technology to generate time and cost savings
motor-assist-icons__dark-57 Whether fleet decision-makers agree or disagree that access to actionable data would improve their processes
motor-assist-icons__dark-39 How global dynamics have impacted fleet management
motor-assist-icons__dark-4 How universal the adoption of new technology is across fleets.

Motor Assist is tailored to support fleet operators by efficiently and effectively responding to accidents 24/7/365. We can take control of the whole end-to-end claims process to allow fleets to continue operating with minimal disruption.


A flexible outsourced solution

Outsource your full end-to-end accident management process or select modular elements that best support your business needs


Intelligent claims routing

System driven rules-based deployment ensures every claim takes the most effective and economical route throughout the process


Managed repair network and supply chain

Fully managed repair network and supply chain services guarantee 'best in class' service delivery


Mobility services

Class leading non-fault replacement vehicle service - timely delivery from our nationwide locations


Case management

Case management services and non-fault claim expertise provide peace-of-mind that claims are handled professionally and effectively


Complete transparency

Transparent real-time reporting on claim progression, costs control, and charges