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Workplace EV socket installations reach 50,000

Written by Scott Hamilton-Cooper

New data from the Department of Transport has revealed that 51,449 EV sockets have been installed in workplaces by the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) since its launch in 2016.

Motor Assist’s own research has previously discovered that more than half (52.3%) of fleet managers saw a lack of charging points at the workplace an obstacle to EV adoption.

With over a fifth (10,566) of total installations conducted by WCS being between January 2023 and January 2024, the latest data showcases the rising demand for electric vehicles when access to the improved infrastructure is available.

The On-Street Residential Charging Scheme has also been revealed to have installed 5,374 public charging devices since its launch in 2017, with funding awarded for a further 14,000 devices.

With the increase of electric vehicle fleets, the need for vehicle incident management partners, such as Motor Assist from AX, that are adapted to managing EV fleets has also increased. Motor Assist can provide an EV-for-EV replacement guarantee and expert body shop partners equipped to undertake cost-effective EV repairs.

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