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Drivers hit with £1.48 billion of pothole damage in 2023

Written by Scott Hamilton-Cooper

It has been revealed that drivers in the UK had to spend £1.48 billion on pothole-related vehicle damages last year, according to a report by Kwik Fit.

The bill for pothole vehicle repairs has increased by 61% in just six years, with repairs in 2018 amounting to £915 million. The total amount of repair costs relating to pothole damage since 2018 has reached £9.5 billion, the same figure estimated to fix UK roads six years ago.

The components most vulnerable to pothole damage are tyres (51%), wheels (31%) and suspension (27%), with 60% of drivers claiming to hit at least one pothole a week.

The report also found that in almost half (45%) of cases, the damage to vehicles was not immediately apparent. One quarter (26%) of drivers only noticed damage when checking their car in the following days, while just one in five motorists say that damages were only identified when checked by a professional in a garage.

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